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Conveyor Belt Services

Beltwest is a proudly Australian company that is dedicated to delivering the high quality of service that bulk materials handling operations require. We do this through a combination of experience and innovation.

Extensive Experience

Experience in all aspects of conveyor belt maintenance, belt applications, material handling optimisation and logistics.

Quality Assurance

We want to ensure that we are providing the very best products and services available and are happy for our work to be viewed and approved by third party inspection.

Multiple Suppliers

We are connected to and source from multiple manufacturers enabling us to supply the right tools at the right time.

Fast Turnaround

We understand the importance of "time is money". Getting your company back up and running is our primary goal.

Australian-Owned and Operated

Beltwest is Australian-owned and operated with experience gained working for world leading providers.

Custom Applications

Experience in the Materials Handling Industry gives us the ability to tailor equipment and solutions to fit specific needs.

Services for Bulk Materials Handling Operations

Beltwest delivers high quality service for Projects, Maintenance, or Emergency Breakdowns.

Splice Quality Assurance & Supervision

Locally and internationally, Beltwest provides independent splice quality auditing for conveyor belt splicing and onsite supervision.

Equipment Installation

We support the installation of equipment ranging from small hand tools, vulcanising equipment, to the largest of material handling equipment.


We offer high quality supervision and planning schedules for all types of conveyor belt projects, such as belt lapouts / flakes and methodology procedures.

Shutdown Support

We provide quality resources; Supervisors, Fitters, Belt Splicers, Rubber Liner crews to service your company's issues.

Rubber Lining

We can plan and execute any wear-resistant lining project you may require, with a high focus on quality workmanship and product choice of premium sheet rubbers.

Vulcanising Press Repairs and Supply

Refurbishing, repair, recertification, and supply of all OEM parts. We focus on timely turnaround of equipment and have equipment for hire.

Abrasive Blasting and Protective Coatings

Protect the asset integrity of your investments with ongoing maintenance to prevent costly replacements.

Welding and Fabrication

Custom fabrication and welding services are available for initial setup or ongoing maintenance programs.

About Beltwest

We have the experience to help you.

Whether it is for maintenance, a project or specific specialist support, the Beltwest team will deliver quality results and great service in a timely manner.

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